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Freedom To The People Of Syria!

April 9, 2012 in Features with 0 Comments

Refusing to end conflict with thousands already killed, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad continues to deploy the army to stop the people’s uprising in Syria. Graphic images and videos can be found throughout the net, and it truly shows us an even darker side to the internal conflict. It needs to be stopped.

A Facebook event was promoted to help unite religions against the Syrian regime

Truly, the world has seen the brutality of the Syrian regime these past months. Civilians taken from their homes, killed and burnt alive by Assad’s forces has been a norm. The conflict has gone on, with a refugee camp in Turkey being open fired upon by Assad’s forces just recently. All the while, Assad has continued to show no mercy.

In a series of email leaks, various sources reported that Assad sent iTunes to his wife, and his wife was also busy spending thousands shopping. The family seemed to lead their usual luxurious lives, as Syria has been burning.

Muslim leaders have already called for ‘jihad’ (struggle) against the regime, like Egyptian leader Sheikh Hafiz Salama, Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Ali al-Jawzo and Sheikh Saleh al-Luhaidan, member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars. Islamic organisations have issued condemnations and charities have started taking in aid. Even citizen Muslims have spoken out about the regime and their actions.

Pope Benedict XVI, has also recently called on Syria to end its violence.

As we know, more than 9,000 have been brutally and cruelly killed and many more have been injured because of the current Syrian regime. It’s time to stop these acts of oppression and bloodshed.

Freedom to the people of Syria!

By Tasnim K

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