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Zakat: Purifying Yourself And Your Wealth Made Easy

July 4, 2013 in Islam with 0 Comments

1st Ethical Charitable Trust is pleased to launch a brand new Zakat guide in partnership with National Zakat Foundation.

1st Ethical Zakat

“Your Guide to Understanding & Calculating Zakat”, which has been produced annually by 1st Ethical since 2003, explains the key concepts of the third pillar of Islam in a clear and lucid format. It also features a full page calculator which takes those who are liable to pay Zakat through their calculation journey in a clear, well-explained, step-by-step manner. 75,000 copies of the guide have now been printed and will be distributed to mosques and schools across the country over the coming weeks Insha’Allah. The Shari’ah accuracy of the content has been authenticated by the Al-Qalam Shari’ah Scholar Panel, which comprises of seven leading Muslim scholars from across the country.

Bashir Timol, Trustee at 1st Ethical Charitable Trust said:

“We are very pleased with the new guide alhamdulillah and believe it will play a key role in demystifying the complexities of Zakat for the Muslim community. We are also proud to be partnering with the National Zakat Foundation, a ground-breaking charity that is doing fantastic work on the ground in the UK by collecting and distributing Zakat to local, deserving recipients.”

Iqbal Nasim, head of National Zakat Foundation, said:

“In producing the Zakat guide 2013, it has been a privilege to partner with 1st Ethical, who have been pioneers in raising the level of Zakat awareness and education for many years. We pray that this product serves as a useful tool for the community and that it brings us all one step closer to fulfilling the critical pillar of Zakat with excellence Insha’Allah.” You can download your new guide and you can also request hard copies for yourself, your family or local mosque by emailing, stating the quantity required. Feel free to access additional Al-Qalam Shari’ah Scholar Panel Zakat knowledge resources here or submit a question to or

Download the new Zakat Guide (PDF)

1st Ethical Charitable Trust empower Muslims to enrich communities through faith based campaigns. For more information, please visit & for National Zakat Foundation please visit: For Zakat fatawa or queries, visit

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