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Anti-Muslim Group Hand Out Fliers At Schools

October 7, 2011 in Islamophobia with 0 Comments

A Christian organization’s campaign that focuses on passing out anti-Muslim literature to students is now being heavily criticized by all types of people for being discriminative.

The organization Defend Christians has been passing out fliers to students at some US high schools. Some eyewitness reports also say that young girls have been given these fliers.

The organization can easily be seen as anti-Muslim, with updates about Islam on their website, and biased viewpoints and generalizations given, promoting intolerance and fear.

Such articles and inaccurate statements can be seen throughout the site, like this:

‘There is nothing to indicate that Islam has moderated and can coexist with others… Muslims must subjugate or kill those who will not covert or submit to Islam.’ Source: Defend Christians

This is absolutely incorrect. Islam promotes the freedom of belief.

Fear-mongering and hate-preaching can easily be seen throughout the organizations rhetoric and it should not be encouraged or supported. One example is this statement:

‘We have to stop the growth of Islam in America, but what can we do?’ Source: Defend Christians

We, people of all Faiths and beliefs, must coexist and stand up towards hate and discrimination.

By the Islamophobia Section Editor

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