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Don’t Spill It, Give It! British Muslims To Give Blood

June 8, 2013 in News with 2 Comments

Young Planners, a voluntary youth organisation in the UK, has organised an event on the 14th of June in five different mosques inviting Muslims to benefit their society by donating blood.

Coinciding with World Blood Donor Day 2013, the ‘Muslims Give Blood’ campaign will help save lives and help cancer patients, postnatal women, surgical units, A & E departments and countless others.

It is also hoped that the event will help break barriers that are associated with giving blood in the UK.

“The two main reasons I hear that people from the South Asian Communities don’t give blood are that they didn’t know we needed it and that their religions don’t allow it,” said Theo Clarke, a Lead Donor Relations Manager for Young Planners.

“I can categorically state that we need more blood and bone marrow donors from the South Asian Communities and that the three major faiths of the region, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism, all see donation as a positive thing – should you have any concerns though I would ask that you seek clarification from the spiritual leaders in your community.”

The campaign, which offers advice and FAQs on its site, reminds Muslims that Islam is a religion of mercy and caters for all the problems faced by humanity, also acknowledging the needs of people.

Hence, it has been said that blood transfusion is lawful as a necessity.

Young Planners is a youth organisation with the main goal of empowering the youth in London.

Over the past three years, it has helped raise £400,000 for charity and its most recent initiative is to encourage Muslims and ethnic minorities to donate blood that will encourage positive integration and contribution of Muslims in their communities.

The campaign has gained support from Muslim lecturer Hamza Tzortzis, English broadcaster and journalist Lauren Booth, Muslim comedian Baba Ali and nasheed artist Junaid Jamshed along with many others.

If you feel like you are ready to give blood, first, check that you are eligible to donate. Then either register on the NHS website and attend a donation session near you, or visit one of the five locations taking part (noted below) on the 14th of June.

Sessions will be held at the Muslim World League, East London Mosque, Al Manar, Tooting & Balham Mosque and Finsbury Park Mosque.

The campaign is also recruiting for volunteers to help on the day, so if you are interested in taking part, please get in touch at

By Hasan Faridi (Editor)

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  1. HabibJune 14, 2013 at 1:46 pmReply

    Just saw, BBC has just wrote a story about this. You had an exclusive, you published on 8th, they published on 14th :D

  2. TahirJune 16, 2013 at 4:53 pmReply

    Nice exclusive brother.

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