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ICNA Help U.S. Citizens Understand Shariah

March 3, 2012 in News with 0 Comments

Various conservative pundits, analysts and bloggers have identified Shariah, or Islamic religious law, as a growing threat to the United States. Shariah Law is something, which to many, carries negative connotations. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) aims to provide an insight to help people understand what Shariah means.

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The ICNA has launched the campaign named ‘Defending Religious Freedom, Understanding Shariah’ to educate fellow American citizens about what the meaning of Shariah means and what it entails through conferences, billboards, and TV and radio PSAs. The organisation has also launched a national hotline to answer questions about Shariah and Islam.

The campaign is not to establish Shariah Law in the U.S., but to correct misconceptions about it.

Established in 1968, the ICNA was a response to the growing need for a supportive Muslim community in North America. The organisation initially focused on educating its growing membership about Islam, the goal being to adhere to Islamic values still being amongst a religiously diverse community.

It has also worked closely with many national interfaith organisations for the betterment of society in the U.S. and by focusing on self-development, education, outreach and social services, ICNA has cemented its place as a leading organisation within the American Muslim community.

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