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Muslims Should Seek Common Ground, Says Malay PM

June 13, 2013 in News with 0 Comments

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has said that Muslims should find common ground and similarities although having differences of opinion and ideology to be good examples to the non-Muslim community.

Najib Razak (left) opened the 56th National Holy Quran Recital.

“We must have a positive attitude and not embellish stories that we hear of and we need to think of good and bad consequences (of our actions),” he said in his speech at the opening of the 56th National Level Tilawah Al-Quran reciters assembly.

The event, held at the Darul Naim Islamic Complex in Lundang, took place from the 10th June to 14th June and involved 29 participants from all over the country who recited the Quran.

Touching on this year’s event theme, “Wasatiyah Tonggak Kesatuan Ummah” (Moderation: The Pillar of Unity of the Muslim Community), the PM called on Muslims to follow a balanced approach taught by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Not only by championing the Quran by merely memorising or reading it to gain divine reward, but also by understanding and practising its teachings for the benefit of the whole Ummah.

“Preparing ourselves to be strong in our religious faith is necessary in facing whatever challenges that come, while empowering ourselves is also very important to gauge our strengths and weaknesses in enhancing the glory of Islam in this country,” he said.

PM Najib Razak also added that negative thinking which leaned towards disunity and animosity should be replaced with values of equity and fairness.

“Let us together ensure that what we and our nation are showered with will continue to endow us,” he added. “We shall continue to build unity and at the same time, reject whatever actions and attempts by those who ridicule the monarchy in their politics of extremism.”

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