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Muslim Women Send Message To Politicians And Feminists

June 25, 2013 in News with 0 Comments

Muslim women sent a strong message to Europe’s politicians and radical feminists in the largest ever Muslim women’s conference held in Europe.

Seeds Of Change’, organised by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), gave British Muslim women a platform to speak out about their faith as well as addressing the problems prevalent within society.

The speakers attending inspired, educated and energised over 1500 attendees to change the perception of Islam in the UK and responded to the misconception that Muslim women are subjugated and oppressed by their faith.

Delegates heard from the Director of ‘Seeds Of Change’, Fatima Barkatulla, about Islam’s solution to feminist objectives. She stated that it was a divinely-ordained solution and Islam provides justice.

She invited the women of Europe, including activists from the radical feminist group Femen who earlier this year called on Muslim women to take part in a ‘Topless Jihad’, to look at Islam with an open mind saying that millions of women in Europe were already finding liberation in Islam.

Broadcaster and Journalist Lauren Booth, (Tony Blair’s sister-in-law), who converted to Islam in 2010, told delegates how Islam had enriched her life and why she left Feminism for Islam.

Journalist and ex-captive of the Taliban, Yvonne Ridley, motivated Muslim women to respond to the rise in Islamophobia in the wake of the Woolwich attack by positively engaging with their neighbours and colleagues. There were also calls for Europe’s politicians to stop persecuting Muslim women who choose to wear the veil.

Chairman of iERA, Abdurraheem Green (formerly Anthony Green) who helped inspire a whole generation of Muslim women in the 80s and 90s, said that he believes women are crucial in changing the current perceptions of Islam in our world.

Eminent academic and scholar, Dr. Muhammad Akram Nadwi, responsible for a new awakening in Muslim female scholarship, commented on encouraging women to become scholars as they had been in the rich and vibrant peak of Islamic civilization.

Touched by the event and the speakers attending, six non-Muslim delegates converted to Islam during the conference in emotional scenes both on and back-stage.

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