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Muslims Raise £445,000 For Orphans And Needy

January 3, 2013 in News with 1 Comment

Through the Charity Week initiative, Islamic societies in the UK have held charity collections, cake sales and many other positive events to help the needy.

Photo: Charity Week

Photo: Charity Week

After a special celebration round-up, it was concluded that throughout a week of hard effort, a staggering total of £445,000 was raised.

Volunteers will decide the distribution of the funds raised and it is already decided by some that a portion of money will go to help places such as Syria and Gaza via projects at Islamic Relief UK.

The Week runs between October to November each year and encourages individuals to team up and unite for one week for the cause.

Ever since it started up, the project has since evolved into a nationwide event with countless institutions taking part in seven regions across the UK and Ireland.

The organisers aim to develop and improve every year and have a strong feedback process that guides their development. Each year it publishes an annual report, which details activity, progress and areas of improvement.

This year’s £445,000 hit a record high, and more people across the UK are getting involved with a charity that is growing every year.

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One Comment

  1. SaddiyaJanuary 12, 2013 at 11:26 pmReply

    Charity Week is a lovely initiative and I hope it carries on achieving in the coming years. It’s growing very well mashallah.

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