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Student Association RU-MSA Host Islam Awareness Week

April 11, 2012 in News with 0 Comments

The Rutgers University Muslim Student Association (RU-MSA) is one of the countless Muslim student associations throughout the world helping promote tolerance, dialogue and participation. They have raised awareness about Islam before, and likewise, they are hosting the Islam Awareness Week again.

Informative boards helping explain about the Five Pillars of Islam. Photo: Rutgers University Muslim Student Association

The week is not about preaching to the public, but it will help members of the public (especially non-Muslims) to ask questions about Islam and Islamic belief. Ibaad Sadiq, President of the MSA stated it will be like that of a ‘forum’.

It will also help erase misconceptions about Islam that many members of the people still hold.

‘Rutgers University Muslim Student Association, is dedicated to the unity and inspiration of ALL Muslims here at Rutgers University, regardless of personal belief or affiliation. As well as providing religious, cultural, social, and instructive inspiration to the Rutgers University Muslim community.’ Source: RU-MSA

The association is currently holding a variety of projects such as the ‘Ladder Project’ aiming to educate members of the community about academics and careers, and ‘Project Ummah’, helping raise awareness about countries stricken by poverty and what Muslims can do to help them.

Countless Muslim associations around the world host Islam Awareness Week’s of their own.

Watch a video of a previous event hosted by the RU-MSA

Visit RU-MSA

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